Most Common Dreams

The most common dreams:

  • Teeth Dreams + Teeth Falling out Dream
  • Test Dreams + Examination Dream
  • Falling Dreams + astral projection dream + astral travel dream 
  • Flying Dreams + Flying Airplane Dreams
  • Naked Dreams
  • Chase Dreams + Serial killer + Murderer chasing
  • Tsunami Dreams + wave dream + tsunami dream + dreams about tsunamis
  • Three Suns Dreams
  • Frog Dreams + leaping frog dream
  • Candle Dreams + orange candle dream
  • Toilet Dreams + overflowing toilet dream
  • Gun Dreams + Firing a Gun dream
  • Sex Dreams
  • Prophecy Dreams + Natural Disaster dream + earthquake dream + tsunami dream + end of the world dream + Mayan Calendar dream
  • Spiritual Dreams
  • Astral Dreams
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  1. I have seen a dream many times in which I am cheated by my partner. Some links show the meaning like lack of trust or somethingelse. You can see a this post:
    This link describes the meaning of same dream but my question is: Is there any other possible meaning of the dream