Thursday, September 18, 2014

"Devil in the Room" by Carla McKinnon: Sleep Paralysis meets Hollywood

Thank you dream researcher Ryan Hurd for sharing this documentary, Devil in the Room on your website. 

This documentary brings me back to my UCSB Film & Media Studies college days. I actually took a documentary film course with Janet Baker, an intelligent and experienced documentarist that made every class an enjoyable and memorable experience. It is nostalgic to reflect back on Janet Baker and her documentary film courses at UCSB. I believe I took two course she instructed. Moreover, I revisited UCSB 4 years after my undergraduate graduation and talked to Janet Baker again. 

Devil in the Room sets the tone for ancient superstitious beliefs in demonic possession and the Devil. Witchcraft was once to blame for this unknown medical condition. Sleep paralysis really does feel like an evil entity is trying to enter your body. People get frightened, so their immediate response is to pray to God for help. Needless, to say, an episode of sleep paralysis is a life-altering encounter. Fear itself is the worst form of fear. It will make any person change their ways. 

The first time I experienced sleep paralysis was back in 2001-2003, while renting in a room out at an old home in San Jose. I may have experienced sleep paralysis episodes before these encounters in that home. But for the most part, the fear and vividness that occurred in these sleep paralysis episodes inspired me to look further into astral projection and lucid dreaming.  

I later researched sleep paralysis and found a helpful Stanford website on sleep research. Years later, I located a resourceful website,, where the website owner is a dream researcher and sleep research expert. Ryan Hurd has written books on sleep paralysis, dreams, and lucid dreaming, to name a few. I find out compelling to read studies on dreams and sleep paralysis. There is a deep correlation, a deep connection between the two episodes. 

We dream as we sleep, but only 5 percent of people actually undergo this sleep paralysis phenomenon, If you have sleep paralysis, you are basically a redhead (only 2% are redheads in the world) walking among us or a descendent of Ernest Hemingway's polydactyl cat (20% of cats have this condition). 

Watch this Devil in the Room documentary to witness a cinematical portrayal of sleep paralysis. Beware!  Supervise your children and try to stay calm. 

Buy Ryan Hurd's Sleep Paralysis book to understand the power of sleep and dreams. 


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