Friday, August 29, 2014

Wrinkled Pants Dream

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A dreamer has a dream where he tells his significant others he is not ready to go. He tells her that his pants are wrinkled. She gives him a tough time and begins to show anger. This dreamer refuses to leave without ironing his wrinkled pants. What does this wrinkled pants dream signify?

The wrinkled pants dream is pointing to "responsibilities and how you provide for yourself" ( It all makes sense because this dreamer is in a terrible rut. His financial problem is out of his control, as no immediate help can resolve this chapter of his life. It is a long-term problem, nothing involving overspending but rather instability and unfortunate events. 

The wrinkled pants and frustration expressed to God show that this dreamer is trying everything possible to provide and they can't reach this balance. The more this dreamer struggles uncontrollably, the angrier they get with living life. They don't believe life should keep showering them with major obstacles that are impossible for the average person to resolve. 

A financial gain of some sort can rescue this dreamer from their waking nightmares. It is no fun for people to worry what to do when multiple unfortunate events and hardships hit them, jolt them, and challenge their core. Their responsibilities are put in a dire position, one they are unable to manage. 

Good pants are necessary to work. In this dreaming state, the dreamer is not confident walking outside with a pair of wrinkled pants. This dreamer is worried that certain financial problems and obligations are not being met as a result of unforeseen setbacks. These problems are keeping him back, making him accumulate debt that is impossible to ignore. 

What does this dreamer do next? How does he confront this financial disaster? What is the best way for this dreamer to reach a balance in the least amount of time? This dreamer has been trying for the past few decades to find success. Everytime he tastes success, this is taken away from him. 

The wrinkled pants dream says it all that this dreamer doesn't believe he can provide for his household because everything in his world is falling apart and he can't take care of his personal responsibilities. The resources required to make him money are costing him a fortune to repair. He wants so much to try. However, this dreamer keeps getting knocked down. What does he do? This wrinkled pants dream is telling him to acknowledge the passing of time and that urgency in resolving this financial situation must be fast and swift. 

Happy dreaming!  


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