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Multiple Dream Symbols point to Immediate Change

A hole in the ground ...
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At this very moment, the dreamer can't remember the details of their recent dream. As time progresses, a dream fades away and is barely remembered. The best time to write down details of a dream is within the first 5 minutes of waking up because the memory is sharp and full of detail. However, these dream symbols are as clear as air and thus this points to immediate change. Multiple dream symbols function like health symptoms. Believe it or now, dream symbols confront specific waking problems that need urgent attention.

As far back as this dreamer can remember, this is the first time these dream symbols played in their dreams. What dream symbols confront this dream? In this dream, there were the following dream symbols present: 
  • Wanted a sealed bag of latex gloves used for cleaning rather than dirty gloves
  • Was by themselves and not moving with their significant other
  • Saw a deep hole in a grassy field - looked inside and saw the roots of this hole like brain 
  • Flashlight shined into hole and show dark details
  • Youngest brother was helping the dreamer to move out and the sofa hit his injured arm
  • Talking about writing and protecting my screenwriting dream
  • Said they have to make these changes to protect their future
These are the most pronounced dream symbols in this recent dream. They accentuate current waking problems that continue to plague the dreamer's waking life. Lets begin with the first dream symbol and work our way down to decode this dream so that we can better understand their meaning. 

A sealed bag of latex gloves refer to the dreamer's willingness to play it safe. According to Dream Moods, throwing gloves to the ground indicate that "you need to challenge or address someone about an issue that is bothering you" (Dream Moods, 2014). It is truth that a certain problem is challenging the dreamer in their waking life. It does involve their long-term relationship and belief that it's in jeopardy due to another individual. They remember tossing these sealed latex cleaning gloves on the ground. 

Next, the dreamer was moving without my fiance. She was nowhere to be found in this dream. The U-Haul truck was there to load all of the dreamer's possessions. Their main focus was keeping emphasis on their waking dreams, which they haven't done in such a long time. This moving symbolism is the ultimate dream symbol. The aspect of this symbol in the dream signifies that a dreamer may desire change and this can confront their long-term relationship challenges. It may involve a recent revelation regarding a significant others having feelings toward another person. 

This dreamer may now be ready to move on and will not look back. Past independence strengthened their core, allowing them to shift into dependence, where this latency in being stagnant can frustrate most strong people. In moving, this dream symbol conveys a person is ready to move past a failed relationship, an inhibited environment that changed their future outlook. For sure the regrets and grudges are mentioned during these struggling times.

It makes the dreamer experience anger and frustration when their significant other puts them down using these phrases under distress. This dreamer seeks to rekindle their passion for unfinished waking dreams rather than invest additional energy into a broken bond. This dream refers to the dreamer's devotion and dedication to keep their relationship intact. However, a significant other sharing their deep feelings for another likely crossed the line and jolted the foundation of this relationship.

These dream symbols are real. There is no ignoring the reason for them showing up in a dream. It is not by accident to be moving. This dreamer was alone, though one family member and others helped to make this move. This dream continues to get darker and convey the hopelessness, the nothing this dreamer is feeling toward their entire life. Hardship after hardship plagued their existence. They understand that this world is full of struggle, even in finding the basic essentials to survive. Their inner struggles are without a doubt wearing their confidence thin and making them vulnerable to negativity. 

The deep hole in a ground dream symbol signifies that a dreamer is "feeling hollow or empty inside" (Dream Moods, 2014). It is also suggesting that a dreamer must get out there and share their creativity. No person will be discovered sitting in an isolated room. Their talents, gifts and skills could go unrecognized and would remain stagnant until change is accepted. This hole-in-the-ground is a symbol of darkness that eludes the dreamer, keeping their confidence down and blocking opportunity. Nevertheless, the hole is small and points to resolvable problems such as finances and relationship issues. It can also convey that a dreamer is losing hope and faith in their journey, and proof of their urge in reaching this waking dream still possesses the mind and fuels their desire to continue on. 

The flashlight dream symbol is powerful when this is combined with the hole dream symbol. In the dream, the dreamer shined this flashlight in the hole and saw deep inside: tree roots, dirt, and grass were noticeable. It felt real; like they were watching a documentary film such as The Blair Witch Project. Flashing the light into this dark, empty hole may involve understanding deeper thoughts hidden inside the subconscious mind and/or the creativeness a person possesses that is untapped. When flashing this light in a hole, this action demonstrates that a dreamer is attempting to find their way through a tough situation. They realize that looking inside the hole is the best way to pinpoint these real problems. 

In this dream, a dreamer's younger brother was present. He was helping the dreamer to move their possessions into a U-Haul truck. When they carried the sofa, this brother backed into the back right side of the truck and hit his reconstructed arm. This dream symbol of this younger brother may be viewed as as someone who many looked down on because of their juvenile ways. Nonetheless, this brother made immediate changes that improved his future outlook. He has a good job, a loving family (3 kids and a wife), goes on trips often and is positive. 

The dreamer associates this brother, in their dream, as a person who understands how to make a quick transition from bad to good. Seeing him hit his arm signifies the dreamer must forgive him for taking their car and crashing it. A few years before this event, this brother and his friends took their mother's car and got into a really bad accident. The dreamer must move past this car incident and for his brother selling his possessions to buy drugs. But for the most part, the brother's juvenile ways are a thing of the past. The dreamer wants to remember that their younger brother gave them a big shot at chasing after a powerful dream. He gave this dreamer money to move to Los Angeles. This was possibly the best chance for this dreamer to accomplish their Hollywood goals. There was no better time than that moment to reach this screenwriting and acting dream. The dreamer forgives their younger brother and wants to move forward without reflecting back on the past. 

The dreamer was talking about needing to make immediate changes right now to preserve their writing dream. This dream symbol of sharing that he must make movies now signifies that this dreamer is frustrated with their current state of being and knows the present situation is holding them back from reaching happiness. This dreamer realizes they wasted valuable time and as a result of this their future is murky. They invested everything - their emotions, energy, money and time - into maintaining a positive relationship. In discussing the urgency in leaving a bad situation to carry out a dream is consistent with the dreamer's waking life. Their waking life is a mess, and it won't get any better without intervention. 

Lastly, this dream interpretation of protecting a future is suggestive and/or acknowledging their relationship compromised this plan, this dream. As this dreamer reaches a monumental age and hasn't accomplished their long awaited dream, this internal pain worsens and disrupts their balance. Financial disparity is hard to overcome, especially when multiple things keep going wrong. When one thing is repaired, another problem presents itself. This cycle continues on, pressing on the throttle and speeding up the dreamer's mind to become negative. It gets to the point that living in the moment is too painful. The dreamer looks to the future as a way to keep focused. Why else try to keep going if the world around you is collapsing? 

The hope that this hard work will amount to something great keeps a person moving forward. They feel this uncontrollable urge to never let go ever. It is their purpose in life to achieve this dream and help inspire people to contribute to this world. Their dream will have a major impact on countless lives, so their pain may soothe the souls of countless people. These people learning of this pain no longer feel hopeless, empty and dark because another person is sharing their unfortunate life. The dreamer's purpose in life is to serve the world and do so through writing unique, creative and honest stories.

This world can become a dark place. Many people are unhappy with their lives. Too many people judge others instead of concentrating on their need to change bad habits and attitudes. Dreaming and watching movies have a direct correlation; they allow us to escape reality just for that one moment. We live in a fantasy, knowing that positive environments stimulate our minds. They make us forget our problems and missed opportunities. We can take a mindful trip into a beautiful world, surreal in nature. What if we can live our lives again? Would you change anything, everything? It is a question we may ask ourselves during our darkest moments.

Are you really happy with the life that you were given? Feel insecure that people view you in a negative light? Can't achieve that balance you desired for decades? What does it take to overcome these great challenges? Do you believe that a person can struggle and suffer the rest of their waking lives? If you want change, focus on your sleeping dreams. Dream symbols are no accident; they are telling you something important and you must focus on these messages.

Remember to write summaries of your dreams to interpret them, understand them, and learn from them. It is the best counseling, the most rewarding tool we have into our conscious and subconscious minds. Dream now, dream tomorrow, dream forever. Never stop dreaming - whether in your sleep and in your waking lives. Connect with nature to empower the mind, tap into the unknown - the world beyond our traditional teachings. Multiple dream symbols can open doors to help you discover your inner thoughts, pain, and thinking. Dream away!   


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