Friday, August 29, 2014

Flies dream

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A dreamer had a dream that flies filled their bedroom. They were shocked to wake up and find hundreds of flies smothering this space. To dream about flies may refer to "feelings of guilt or a breakdown in a plan" (, 2014). Flies are obviously irritating and bothersome. This flies dream may indicate an important person around you that can't mind their own business.

In this flies dream, the dreamer wakes up to hundreds of flies filling the surrounding space. They question if this is a dream or a real event. They attempt to swat these flies, but there are too many of them. Soon enough, the dreamer realizes this is a dream. Waking-wise, flies have a direct meaning, a dream symbol to guide the dreamer when analyzing a particular waking problem.

Flies dreams have multiple meanings such as being nosy, guilt, failure in a plan, and a precursor to future sickness and disease. In this dream, the flies represent a house full of gossip. People think they know what is best for this dreamer. The dreamer begins to feel that no person on this Earth believes in their pursuit, the journey to reach success. The flies may point to the dreamer having guilt in abandoning their long-awaited goal, a plan that has no expiration but time is becoming a major factor.

Next, this flies dream shows the dreamer's willingness to dispose of the flies. This dreamer doesn't sit back and complain about these flies, he tries to kill all of them. According to Dream Moods, to kill and exterminate flies signify a dreamer's desire for redemption and respect. Once this dreamer reaches rock bottom, their only way is up.

The flies dream symbol is identifying potential waking problems confronting confidence.  It is telling the dreamer to slow life down and prevent stress from harming their body. Life problems can cause people chronic mental and physical pain. Flies are annoying insects that symbolize people in this manner. In essence, having the flies dream is confronting the disgust this dreamer may have in oneself or another person. It may be associated with losing out on a lifelong journey because another person refused to step-in and improve this overall situation. Presently, the dreamer is giving into negative beliefs others may have concerning their life. It is up to the dreamer to strengthen their mind and focus on positivity.

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