Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Nuclear War dream

Have a nuclear war dream? See nuclear missiles fire into the sky like the Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines movie ending? A nuclear war dream symbolizes powerful emotions involving impending doom in one's life. If you dream about a nuclear war, this indicates an intense moment where you fear losing everything that matters most in your life. A nuclear war dream is the ultimate dream symbol that urges a dreamer to respond tactfully.

The nuclear war dream injects fear into dreamers. Dreamers believe their nuclear war dream is in fact a premonition to the end of the world. Let the truth be interpreted in biblical prophecies, where ancient passages and verses indirectly warn of the world ending through a nuclear war. Nevertheless, nuclear war is an imminent threat to all living things occupying this planet. Therefore, dreaming about fiery winds annihilating everything in its path can heighten emotions and create recurring anxiety.  

As we may already know, many people have similar dreams. These dreamers search the web to better understand their dreams. Dreams tell us how to counteract waking challenges that plague our lives. Whenever people dream about frightening events such as nuclear war, zombies, disease, serial killers, death, and other disturbing subjects, these sleeping disasters are then referred to as nightmares. As nightmares play out, dreamers have a negative reaction. Dreamers fear the inevitable will soon come.  

The moment Americans dropped two atomic bombs on Japan to end World War II, fear entered the minds of millions of people across the world and marked the beginning of the Atomic Age. Widespread fear hit an all-time high during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, where these fourteen days almost transpired into a nuclear war between the United States and the Soviet Union. This Nuclear Age event motivated two of the most powerful nations to stockpile nuclear weapons. 

In the 80s, nuclear war movies such as Threads and The Day After captured the fear of a nuclear holocaust. If you watch nuclear missiles being deployed from rural fields, then a nuclear war is minutes away. Dreaming about nuclear missiles launching is telling the dreamer this is the end. The conflict that is creating this problem is now out of control. It appears the only clear resolution is destroying the source of the problem.  

The nuclear war dream attacks the core of the dreamer. It speaks to them that their life is on the verge of destruction. Everything this person worked hard to achieve is ready to collapse. Nuclear war implies that world leaders have given up on conflict resolution/ foreign policy. After having dreams about nuclear war, dreamers must write details to decode this dream. It is never good to dream of nuclear war, but you must understand this dream to activate damage control. No life is perfect, so try to avoid thinking that life is going against you.  

Take a moment to think about what is plaguing your life. Do you fear losing your job? Unable to pay your bills? Losing the financial game? Feel your relationship is going to fall apart? The answer to this nuclear war dream is in your waking problems. 

We all know that nuclear war symbolizes the end of the world as we know it. Life after the end conveys that we must make a transition into the post-apocalyptic world. Everything we know and love will be gone. We have to dig deep to survive this new, dark world. These conditions are made worse by nuclear fallout and the survival-of-the-fittest type of people left behind. This nuclear aftermath represents an imposing danger to countless people trying to make light of this life-changing disaster. 

The nuclear war dream is an important indicator to convey waking problems. Life is not easy. We accept a lot of criticism that comes our way. Problems that are left alone can transfer into negative energy. Once a nuclear war occurs in a dream, this dreamer may assume their fears are projecting on the dream screen. Dreamers will need to confront any conflict that is making them feel that there's no real answer to resolve their major setbacks.     

These real waking problems may represent a number of common things. Financial disaster, lack of resources, waste of education, constant rejection, unemployment, car issues, foreclosure, health concerns, grudges, hatred, living arrangements, workplace conflict, and other waking problems may cause a nuclear war dream to dissipate their hope in accomplishing success. A nuclear war dream is the last straw to repair a problematic life before a meltdown may occur. 

Look for the dream symbols in this nuclear war dream to solve your life problems. Did you see the nuclear missiles explode? Not explode? Write down details. Good luck with defeating the problems that hold back your happiness.


  1. I think this description is a bit overblown (no pun intended). Dreams about nuclear war are certainly indicative of anxiety/feelings of doom, but they are not necessarily "the last straw to repair a problematic life before a meltdown may occur." I have nightmares (including nuclear war and zombie appocalypse dreams) when I get cold while sleeping. This doesn't mean my life is about to fall apart. It just means I need a heavier blanket. Dreams can certainly tell us something about our subconscious emotional state, but one should not assume that an anxious emotional state must be indicative of impending disaster in one's life. Such assumptions are not constructive.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. This dream analysis applies to a case-by-case basis. I put a disclaimer on the bottom of my website to inform people to make their own decisions. We can all have dreams; maybe they don't have any direct impact on our lives (no pun intended). Every person is different. However, I have had these dreams and these helped me to recognize problems at particular moments. Many dream decoders identify that various dream symbols hold meaning. When I dream about a tsunami, this happens when strong emotions must be released. What I write on this website does not apply to everyone. As you may know, I am not a mental health specialist, hypnosis professional or a sleep specialist. I believe it is constructive to write about dreams because it may help some people who actually have specific problems relevant to mine. I never suggested that these dreams apply to everyone, such as yourself. I'm not making any assumptions to suggest you must have these problems based on dreaming about nuclear war and/or zombies. If you have zombie and nuclear war dreams without any direct link to your life, then that's awesome. In my personal experiences, I have helped many people, including myself, to resolve problems based on decoding their recurring dreams. Again, every person is different. If a person has no problems in their life, a dream is just a dream. If many people have the same dreams and feel something is going on in their waking life, maybe they can use these dream signs to make some adjustments. Thanks for the comment. Best of luck!

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  3. Probably sparked by the tensions between US and North Korea, last April 2018, I also had a vvivid dream of nuclear war. I dreamt I was somehow in a room full of military leaders and commanders. They were talking about a preemptive strike because they believed another country (unamed in my dream, but probably NK) was about to nuke us, so our US leaders decided to press the button first. I was horrified, my feelings in this dream were so immense I woke up crying. But before that, in my dream, Someone pressed the button, through a glass window I saw a rocket going up in the next room, my heart dropped, and I was like oh no, NO, NO! you cant do this, we cant do this!!! I was begging and pleading for this not to happen but it was like I was a ghost, no one heard me or looked at me. I just watched in sorrow as the leaders did what they did. I kept thinking about all the people who were going to die, and the millions or billions more once other countries joined in and start sending their missiles. And my dream jumped to a draft. Guess my area didnt get bombed. They drafted my husband despite his bad back because that's how bad we needed soldiers, and I was begging him not to go. I told him "They cant have you!" (as in the US military). I was mad because the US started it and now my husband would likely die in the world war leaving me to raise our son alone. This dream was just very vivid. Lots of thought going through my mind which usually doesnt happen in my dreams


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