Sunday, August 11, 2013

Drain dream

[32/52] Down the drain
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See a drain in your dream? Experience a drain dream? A drain dream refers to releasing emotions. You must channel these emotions to advance. If a dreamer allows their life to dictate their future, this dream about a drain will warn them to make an immediate change.

Last week, I had a dream about two hand towels next to a sink drain. Three towels resting on the right side of the sink kept falling near the drain. All of a sudden, two towels were sucked into the drainage system. Though the towel in the drain episode is impossible in real life, this drain dream symbolizes that a dreamer must release emotions.

The towel symbolizes confronting emotions, finding a resolution and/or getting a fresh start. These towels getting sucked into the drain may show one opportunity is draining the life out of a dreamer. Additionally, releasing these emotions can recharge a dreamer and help them to start a new journey.

I recently took on a large project that was completed in full. This drain and towel drain occurred the day after I completed this project. It symbolized that this job drained me to the point in which I needed to release this stress to improve my future. With every end, there is a new beginning.

if you have a dream about a drain and/or a towel, this involves releasing emotions and resolving problems that may be holding you back from accomplishing success.

Analyze your life. Make adjustments. Lose the stress. Find your future. Good luck!

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