Monday, February 11, 2013

Killing Dream

A killing dream occurs when a dreamer goes on some type of shooting rampage. The dreamer believes partaking in a shooting massacre predicts disturbing behavior. However, a killing dream is fairly common among dreamers that want to seek change. Dreams about shooting people may show the animosity the dreamer holds toward a target group. Have you had a killing dream lately? In this dream analysis, we will look further into the killing dream.

The recent shooting tragedies in schools, workplaces, and in a movie theater have taken the world by storm. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families involved in these sad events. In the dream world, a dreamer going on a killing rampage may mean this person is trying to eliminate their connection. The dreamer is making an attempt to detach from negative feelings and emotions associated with the intended target(s).

A dream about killing a person or a group of people is a strong dream symbol. According to astrologer Kosarin (2008), the killing dream "is more likely a symbolic act of aggression" (p. 242). She delves further into the killing dream, suggesting the act of killing "may symbolize killing off an unwanted part of yourself" (p. 242). A killing dream refers to abandoning the negative aspects of your life.

If a dreamer and an accomplice kill school students in their dream, they may view their past high school and grade school experienes as negative moments. Were these dreamers bullied? Do they dislike high school? Jealous of another former classmate?

If the dreamer is killing one person, they may view this individual as negative. They may want to get rid of this bad memory, the memory that clouds their painful past. The dreamers who have killing dreams without any past resentment are probably thinking about recent shooting events.

In reference to killing a single person, Kosarin (2008) asked, "What bothers you about this person?" Pay close attention to the details in your killing dream. The identity of the person and or people is most important to pinpoint dreams about killing. If you have a killing dream, it likely means you have anger, resentment, and or want to eliminate a past school memory. The killing dream is a moment of truth, a time to make immediate changes to avoid constant setbacks.

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