Saturday, February 9, 2013

Dead dream with family member

We have all dreamed about death. A dreamer who dreams about death is not likely to predict death. The dead dream conveys the dead member is about to visit them. It depends on the events within the dream to interpret the meaning. The details of the dead dream are outlined below. 

The dreamer had a dream that she was standing over a casket. This casket held her dead sister, who by the way is currently living. It can be vert disturbing to see a loved one dead. Don't be alarmed with death in dreams, as the meaning of the dream is anything but death. Unless the dreamer fears death in their waking life, the dead dream indicates: 

"If you dream about of a loved one who has passed away, this person may actually be visiting you" (Kosarin, 2008, p. 206). 

A friend of the dreamer mentioned the sibling having on a black lace dress, had something clear over her body such as water or plastic of some sort. She kept asking why she died. When this dreamer woke up due to the nature of the dead dream, she fell back asleep and reentered the same dream again. The events replayed like after resuming a movie. 

As Kosarin noted (2008), dreaming about a living relative dead indicates this family member will likely visit them. If the family member lives nearby, then the death dream may take its course. The dead and death dream hold two different dream meanings. The death dream is about this person living "a lifeless routine" (206). Essentially, the dreamer views her dead sister as an individual who is stuck in a bad routine. one that is not advancing her future. It is can suggest the dreamer is stuck in routine. 

Don't fear death and dead dream. The water glistening from the dead indicates some sort of emotional connection. It is a light emotion since a tsunami, toilet, and waves are not involved and it is not the central theme of the dream. 

What we recommend is that this views their current state of being. Are the dreamer and her sister on good terms. Do they need to communicate better? Does routine need adjustment? There is also an indication to improve the future. In order to advance, one needs to put an end to bad habits and recycled problems because with death, we see a new beginning. 

Have a dream you want to share? Need us to decode your dream? Please share your dreams below. Happy dreaming! 

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