Saturday, January 19, 2013

Zombie Dream

The Walking Dead put zombie movies back on the horror movie map. There has always been great interest in zombies, but zombie movies never compete to become certified blockbusters. A few nights ago, I had a zombie dream that wouldn't end. Have you experienced a zombie dream? What does a zombie dream mean?

In the zombie dream, zombies stormed a deserted home where a group of us tried to take cover. We were living in a post-apocalyptic world that had us scrambling to survive like The Walking Dead.

A zombie dream confronts overwhelming waking life problems. I moved cross country to find financial relief. Now, my student loans are in delinquent status. The student loan company made a mistake pushing through a federal loan as a private loan. My car brakes on the brink of failing.

Moreover, my physical health is spiraling down. I'm worried about a health matter involving possible cancer. The physician told me to not worry, but he seemed worry a specific condition is not improving.

According to Dream Moods (2013), a zombie dream refers to "feeling overwhelmed by forces beyond your control" (Z section, p. 1) My chronic stress involves having a good education and very little money to live a decent lifestyle. Therefore, I'm frustrated that nearly 18 years have been wasted trying to live a dream that I cannot reach due to outside forces.

At your most stressful moments, it makes sense to have a zombie dream. Our dreams convey our strengths and weaknesses. In our waking lives, we can either gain power, or become powerless. The subconscious mind communicates with the conscious mind to help us resolve personal matters.

Essentially, we use dreams such as the zombie dream to identify a waking problem. Financial distress is a common waking problem that causes zombie dreams to occur. If you have a zombie dream, assess your life to determine the problems which are plaguing you.

Share the type of zombie dreams you experience. If you feel compelled to do so, write a narrative of your zombie dream below. Watch The Walking Dead this upcoming February on AMC.

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