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A dream analysis with multiple dream symbols

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We all dream. There is no person who doesn't dream. If you don't dream, then are not living. Dreams connect our subconscious with our conscious mind. In other words, our dreams play a vital role in our waking life. Our waking worries are hidden beneath our core, so dreaming conveys an abundance of concerns such as personal thoughts, worries, needs, wants, and even past memories. Do you have dreams with multiple symbols? How do dreams relate to us? The following dream analysis will decode a dream of one dreamer who has experienced multiple dream symbols.  

The truth about dreams is that they never seem to appear in simple shape and form. We can view dreams like verses in The Bible. To add complexity into the dreaming process, such dream instances may become rather confusing and highly improbable. However, dreams speak to the mind through symbols. If you dream about overflowing toilets and tsunamis, you may need to release your emotions in the waking life. Examination dreams convey accomplishing your dreams and goals, albeit time, resources, and frustration may delay the inevitable. Dream matter more than we choose to believe. 

The dreamer in this analysis is having a dream about a puppy, being pregnant, being together with his son's mother, card tricks and having a holiday dinner with former co-workers. These are important dream symbols because they speak about the future. We can begin decoding the dream using the dream symbols to better understand the waking message. 

Dream Symbols in Review: 
  • Puppy
  • Pregnancy
  • Son's mother
  • Card Tricks
  • Holiday Dinner (Thanksgiving) 

First Dream Symbol: Happiness

When you own a puppy, you intend to guide this small animal. The puppy views you as its loyal owner. Therefore, owning a puppy is essentially taking ownership of something important. If you have a child, you want to watch over them like you would a puppy. Dreaming about a dog means "you're seeking companionship, affection, and or loyalty" (Kosarin, 2005, p. 208).

Furthermore, a puppy symbolizes loyalty, happiness, fun and companionship. Puppies look up to their owners, knowing that their owner is loyal to them and they want to also share affection. We come to the conclusion that this dreamer views the puppy as his son as one of most important connections to his future happiness.  

Next up: Pregnancy dream symbol

Pregnancy is a good dream symbol to identify the future. There are dual meanings to being pregnant in a dream. Did you know that a man can also be pregnant in a dream. It is true. Don't look at the obvious because pregnancy is a dream symbol to giving birth to something new. According to Jenni Kosarin (2005), the pregnancy conveys the following meanings in relation to the sexes: 
  • Woman - A desire to for a child or the onset of the condition
  • Man or woman - Something new coming into the dreamer's life - an idea or project that is gestating (p. 254). 
If you are a woman dreaming about pregnancy, then you may want the obvious - to have a child. Nonetheless, an older female dreamer may want to view health concerns in careful light. It is not to say that an illness is brewing inside, but having pregnancy dreams outside of childbearing ages indicate a deeper connection with the subconscious and conscious self. 

We can also view the pregnancy dream as wanting a child such as through adoption. It really depends on your waking life. Are you a career-oriented woman wanting to find success? Ready to take that next step to accomplishing your dreams? 

A man dreaming he is pregnant refers to possible career growth. As referenced above, a dreamer may give birth to an idea and or entering a phase that opens their future up to personal growth - happiness, family, fortune, success, and good health. 

The dreamer is about to make a move. He contemplated making a big move, realizing he must take this step to take ownership of his son. He secured his ticket to reach his son. He misses his son. Moreover, the dreamer also has a daughter who is smart and beautiful. However, she has her mother. The dreamers son wants his father to be a part of his young life. He wants a father to love. A father that will watch him grow up. We understand the importance of having a father in early childhood. 

My dad took my brother's and me out to baseball games, wrestling events, played baseball with us, barbecued, went fishing, had picnics, and disciplined us when there was a need to do so. We appreciate the good memories, so we can relate the dreamer's decision to reconnect with his son. A father and a mother is the best possible gift from God. 

In a sense, the dreamer is about to realize his success. In order to reach this success, he must resolve personal matters such as reconnecting with his son and helping his mother to recover. This dreamer is a leader ready to explore new waters, waiting to discover true happiness beyond monetary value. The pregnancy dream is pointing to this dreamer's quest to make valuable business contacts. 

Now playing: Relationship with son's mother

Having a relationship in a dream is a strong dream symbol. Does it mean the dreamer will get back with his son's mother? Is the obvious dream connection in play? It takes two parents to complete a family. We can view the dreamer and his son's mother as complete. 

You may remember Tom Cruise saying, "You complete me" in Jerry McGuire. This scene is true in real life. A single mother needs a father figure to successfully raise her on. In this case, the dreamer is the biological father of his son. His son needs him. He needs his son. The three together complete a family. Family is a cohesive unit that defines happiness. 

It doesn't matter what constitutes family, because you can view your co-workers, friends, business associates, and biological and extended family as family. The dreamer is pregnant. In his dream, he is back together with son's mother and son. Is this dreamer thinking about rekindling his flame with his son's mother? He has made major strides repairing his life. Now, the dreamer's mindset is to take a journey to reach his son, who has constantly been on his mind. 

Relationship dreams refer to how you view the person in your dream. Based on the dream symbols, the dreamer has a strong sense of connection with his son's mother. Even though the dreamer and his ex are no longer together, he identifies her as a possible future. He wants to at least have another child. She needs his help to reach full recovery. As a result, the puppy, pregnancy, and the relationship are dream symbols falling into place; they are connecting he dots and piecing together the puzzle. 

The dreamer knows what makes him happy. Instead of talking about making changes, he is acting on this desire to find his real happiness. God has helped him to become positive. The dreamer is taking the next step to make good on his future. Family is the most important dream symbol. Once we develop a relationship, we view this as finding a family we can take ownership of. 

The Dream game: Card Tricks

The dreamer performs card tricks in his dream. According to Dream Moods (2013), the dreamer is using strategy to advance in different areas of his life. In a sense, the dreamer has realized the value of God, religion and prayer. In the dream, the dreamer must focus on the types of cards that emerge. If the diamonds surface, then wealth is within the horizon. All playing cards hold a particular meaning in dreams.

The dreamer has used his past struggles to improve his present life. He formed a relationship with God to give thanks for the good things he has in life - his son, daughter, family, job, confidence, and life. This dreamer understands how to use strategy to get what he wants out of life. His best skills and traits:
  • Establishing trust
  • Building rapport
  • Staying positive
  • Working hard
  • Understanding life
  • Realizing the value of family and friends
  • Being Punctual
  • Multi-tasking
  • Sales skills
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Teamwork
  • and much more
Dreams about card tricks and cards, in general, point to the value of the face card. What is your strategy? What is your best skill? What is it you want out of life? How can you put your skills to work? The dreamer has a good strategy. He experienced personal transformation. He accepted God into his life. The dreamer found a good job that will now lead him to another career. 

The dreamer must focus on the face cards. Which face cards are revealed? This is the moment to activate lucid dreaming to zero in on the face cards. In order to fully understand the card dream, you must take mental notes of what face cards are projecting in the dream. We already know the dreamer understands how to use strategy acquire his wants and needs. In the future, we will revisit the card dream to interpret it in its entirely.  

Last dream symbol: Holiday Dinner with Co-workers

The dreamer also had a dream about having a holiday dinner with past co-workers. According to Dream Moods (2013), having dinner with a group of people indicates the dreamer accepts these people. Further, he views these people as equal. When we connect with our past co-workers and friends, we usually take a trip down memory lane. We can have a warm relationship with co-workers and friends. 

Family and friends make us happy. We thank our family and friends for helping us to reach success. If you watch award shows, then you see winners thank God, co-workers, and friends for their success. It is rare not to hear a person thank God on the biggest stage of life. The dreamer is dreaming about co-workers because he is about to reach to true success - family, friends, good fortune and success. 

Last look: 

The dreamer is about to fly back to his hometown to reconnect with his son. His son has been on his mind more frequently, so he decided that he must make the journey to reconnect with him. He wants to help his son's other to improve his state of being. 

The puppy dream symbol refers to the son who views his father as his loyal owner, the person who he will depend on to watch over him. Thus, the dreamer also looks to the puppy as loyal and obedient. He knows his son loves him, and vice versa.  

The pregnancy dream symbol suggests the dreamer is on the verge of success. He is about to meet an business connection. This business relationship will help him to climb up the steps. God has helped the dreamer to get a job. He met valuable connections. Now, the dreamer is moving back with a greater sense of appreciation. He is on a mission to restore order in his life. At 32 years old, the dreamer has experienced the trials and perils to understand his purpose in life. Lastly, the dreamer views his past co-workers as equal that he can share his past and his future with without worrying about criticism. 

I remember this dreamer walking into the work place to accept any position. The manager told him why not take ownership of the best position. This dreamer has excelled rather quickly, now becoming the best worker at his job. He is ready to go on another journey with renewed interest in what matters to him most - his son. Along the journey, the dreamer is going to reach the fruitfulness we also consider true success - family, friends, career, and thankfulness. 

It is no mistake the dream and his co-workers are having dinner on Thanksgiving. Although the details of the dream are hazy, the defining moment of this dream symbol is finding balance in life. The dreamer wants to do for others, but has an agenda set into motion. He needs his family, especially his son and daughter. Once the dreamer makes the connection, his future dreams are going to fall into place. 

Have a dream lately? Want to decode your dreams? Share your dream in the comment section below. Hope you enjoyed this multiple dream symbol analysis. It is a valuable dream to a good person. Keep on dreaming and know your dreams want to find waking happiness. Thanks for reading. 

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