Monday, December 17, 2012

Sleep paralysis episode

This morning I experienced another episode of sleep paralysis again. Sleep paralysis occurs when a person mentally awakens from sleep, only to find their body frozen in a paralysis mode. It is said that sleep paralysis is linked to possession and or evil spirits. My sleep paralysis experience caused me fear. 

I vaguely remember the dream. My sense of being, within the dream, shifted the dream fantasy into the real world. As a result, I woke up while still in the dream. This caused sleep paralysis to activate. I tried to alert the nearest person to me, which would help me break free from the frozen state.

Sleep paralysis is experienced by a small population. It is not fun, though some have been known to astral projection via sleep paralysis. Imagine your nightmares entering the real space. This would create hallucinations, the type we associate with ghosts and demons. 

Have you experienced sleep paralysis? Share your SP experience below.      


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  3. Sleep paralysis is caused by too much Stress and anxiety