Thursday, November 29, 2012

Password fail and memory erase dream

Dream about putting in the wrong password in your Iphone to erase all your data? Last night, I dreamed about typing-in the password that somehow repeated again and again until the wrong passwords erased all content on my phone. This is a waking disaster since the recent Apple update back in May wiped out important pictures and notes that were backed up prior to running the software update. Dreaming about the password fail and memory erase is significant to your waking life.

You're having a dream walking through an unknown place. This place is unfamiliar to your waking life, albeit the main focus is the cellular phone in hand. You attempt to type-in the password once, but the phone keeps repeating the same process until the phone resets back to factory settings. What does this dream signify?

It is possible that you fear losing valuable memories. We live in a technology era that depends on safeguarding data. Even so, any thief can steal a phone and or computer holding valuable data. If this data is not properly backed up, the owner loses out on valuable information which is irreplaceable.

The password fail and memory erase dream may also point to the fear of older age. Your birthday may be approaching, and the mere fact of getting older frightens you. As we get older, our minds lose luster. Cognitive performance enhances the mind to remain sharp, though not every person engages in such exercises. Studies have shown that older age reduces cognitive performance. These numbers happen to regress as the test subjects increase in age.

If you experience the password fail and memory erase dream, look at possible age concerns, losing valuable memories, fear of losing the past, and the likelihood your life is moving past the good times into a new chapter that is challenging and full of dark struggles.

Don't be alarmed because having this dream is alerting you to keep sharp through understanding age progression, that the evolution of life takes its course through time. We live life to leave our mark behind. Keep dreaming and enjoy night visions!

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