Monday, November 5, 2012

Bride dream

Experience a bride dream? See another bride? Or if you're female, did you see yourself as the bride? The bride dream holds a meaning in your waking life. Ready to decode the bride dream?

The bride dream suggests the dreamer is going to have good fortune. According to Kosarin (2008), the bride dream indicates:

        "To dream of a bride, whether it's you or another person, is good luck and can mean financial    prosperity or inheritance. If a man kisses a bride in your dream, it indicates happy times ahead for family and friends. To dream of an elopement, though, may indicate unfavorable events happening soon" (p. 195).

The bride dream involves understanding the surrounding events within the dream. Are you dreaming about another bride? See yourself, if you're female, as the bride? If so, you're on the verge of having extreme good fortune. As mentioned above regarding the kissing of a bride, this signifies prosperous times for your loved ones. We must warn you that watching a couple and or yourself getting eloped opens your waking life up to dark times.

The bride dream is a good dream. However, dreaming about getting eloped points to bad luck in the waking life. Whereas you can't control the bride dream, keep a mental log of the surrounding events within the dream. Good luck!   

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