Monday, November 5, 2012

Blank Credit Card dream

A few months ago, I had a blank credit card dream. While attempting to pay for food in a college cafeteria, I opened my wallet to remove a blank credit card. I noticed that all my credit cards were blank. The blank credit card dream symbolizes a waking meaning of some sort. Have you experienced this dream?

Credit card dreams are probably common to dreamers trying to make sense of their life. What do you remember about your credit card dream? Did you have a blank credit card dream? Feel your waking life is in disarray? Want your credit card debts to disappear? What about your point of view of your personal value?

In my waking life, my financial worth is small. I have a ton of student loan debt. My education is doing nothing to help improve my quality of life. In the dream sequence, the blank credit card dream means I can't even afford a simple meal.

A credit card symbolizes value. If you have credit, you can purchase items. If you lack credit, you can't swipe a card to pay for essential items such as food and gas. A blank credit card dream may point to the desire to get rid of debt. You want to eliminate debts, but somehow there is something blocking you in your waking life.

Figure out what opportunities you may have missed while in the waking life. Are you living day-to-day without any plans to rise above hardship. Over utilizing your credit cards to stay above quicksand is common among consumers. The credit card dream meaning reflects power and or vitality. How do you view yourself?

Are you unable to purchase clothes, food, gas, daily essentials, and to pay your bills? The blank credit card dream may suggest your willingness to wipe out debt. Pay close attention to the surrounding events. What are you doing in the dream? Try to remember the role your credit card plays in the dream. Good luck.  

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