Friday, August 3, 2012

Moviegoers fail to understand dreams: The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises ending features a twist to show a new character rising. In the previous scene, Alfred is having a peaceful lunch at an Italian cafe. The majority of viewers think the cafe scene is straightforward. On the opposing side, the minority of viewers choose to believe in a dream/fantasy. The common argument is that Alfred cannot dream about a person he has never met. Why do moviegoers fail to understand dreams?

The Dark Knight Rises introduced a hallucination, a mind flash and a flashback into the plot. We see Bruce Wayne question the reality of a man he knows is obviously dead. Alfred shares his cafe fantasy, describing his desire to one day see Bruce finally happy. We are voyeurs entering Alfred's mind to see the cafe. In another end scene, Batman reveals his true identity to Gordon in a memorable quote. 

The Italian cafe scene is a dream. Alfred shows no emotion. The majority of moviegoers suggest Alfred cannot dream about Selina. It obvious that moviegoers misunderstand sleeping dreams. We can dream about events that are fantasy. We can dream about people we've never met. Alfred and Selina cross paths at the Wayne party. In your collective memory, your subconscious mind can dream about any person.

Bruce never told Alfred he recovered the pearl necklace. Alfred knows that a maid took the pearls. He shares his cafe fantasy, which is realistic since he goes on holiday there. Alfred imagines Bruce as happy. Would Christopher Nolan and Jonathan Nolan state the obvious to substantiate a dream with Rachel?

The majority of moviegoers believe Alfred cannot dream of a woman he never met. That is an inaccurate assessment. Alfred's mind has met Selina. His subconscious mind records the surrounding environment. He knows of a missing necklace. Bruce never shares any news about recovering the pearl necklace. Alfred shows emotion at Bruce Wayne's funeral.

These facts lead us to believe the Italian cafe is a dream. If the Nolan brothers planned to focus on the cafe scene, we would not be watching a cliffhanger to reveal a new character rising in the Bat Cave. A realistic outcome is to end the movie at the Italian cafe, showing the moviegoing public that Bruce survived the atomic blast. The Nolan brothers enable the major characters to recover an obvious clue to give them hope.

Revealing multiple clues lead viewers to believe Bruce Wayne is alive. However, showing the Italian cafe scene in succession creates a fantasy. Alfred doesn't even shed a tear. Is Alfred out of tears to downplay this moment? In a realistic setting, Alfred would at least show subtle emotion. We only see the Italian cafe environment from Alfred's point-of-view. Bruce represents a dream symbol. Alfred shares his dream, his fantasy, his imagination and or fantasy to that Bruce finds happiness.  

The Italian cafe scene in The Dark Knight Rises movie is a dream. If  the cafe scene is a realistic, the Nolan brothers would end on that scene rather than lead viewers on another journey. The cliffhanger ending thus becomes the surprise moment, a moment to reflect on a new protector of Gotham.

People can dream about fictional people, strangers, friends, and family. There is no rule that Alfred is incapable of dreaming about a woman he never meets. How does that even make sense? Selina Kyle is not the center of attention. Many moviegoers are searching for the identity of the woman with Bruce. Therefore, these searches prove that not all moviegoers realize this woman with the pearl necklace is Selina.

The Italian scene is a dream. Alfred is dreaming or having a fantasy. Bruce was never interested in escaping his duty as Batman. The Dark Knight Rises is not about retirement and finding time to enjoy a lost life. Dreams are not what they seem. Focus on dream symbols to decipher the clues.

Alfred can dream about Selina. He probably sees Selina working as a maid at Bruce Wayne's engagement. He knows a maid took the pearl necklace. The subconscious mind records random events. Bruce never told Alfred he recovered the pearls. Alfred shares his cafe fantasy. We highly doubt Bruce is thinking he must honor Alfred with showing up at the exact Italian cafe to reveal he is alive. Bruce left Alfred a handsome inheritance to show his appreciation. The Italian cafe scene is a dream or fantasy.

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