Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Teeth Falling Out Dream

Dream about the dreaded teeth falling out dream? Want to know what the teeth falling out dream means? Teeth falling out dreams are common among dreamers on the brink of losing their power. In the dreaming world, teeth falling out symbolize powerlessness.

In your dream, your teeth begin falling out. The teeth falling out dream is devastating dream, to say the least. Don't fear teeth falling out dreams as a prediction to a family member becoming ill or possibly dying. In the Greek culture, dreams about teeth falling out suggest that someone in your family is ill and or about to die. Various cultures around the world adopt different beliefs about the teeth falling out dream.

There is dream research to suggest that teeth falling out dreams symbolize overwhelming stress and passiveness. The dreamer experiencing the teeth falling out dream may fear low confidence since teeth signify beauty and youth. The teeth falling out dream has another meaning among the sexes.

According to Kosarin (2008), women are known to experience the teeth falling out dream more frequently than men. As a result of the teeth falling out dream, the subconscious is telling the female dreamer to reduce engaging into gossip and or criticizing others.

Another dream interpretation about teeth falling out dream conveyed on the celebrity nightmare's decoded show is that women who have the teeth falling out dream could possibly be pregnant or want to have a baby. Older women having dreams about teeth falling out fear becoming old. Perhaps the teeth falling out dream is warning a female dreamer of their need to avoid falling into the low self-esteem trap.

College students fear public speaking because they become paranoid that food is stuck in between their teeth. The teeth represent power, status, and beauty. We fear losing our teeth due to society placing high value on beautiful teeth.

Teeth symbolize speaking first without thinking ahead of time. Thus, dreams about teeth falling out refer to saving face to avoid sticking your foot in your mouth. Be cautious of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.

If you experience the teeth falling out dream, jot down everything you remember about the dream. Pay special attention to the teeth. Are your teeth rotten? Unusual looking? How did your teeth fall out?

The teeth falling out dream is also an indicator to guide your professional and personal life. Are you lost in your career? Do you say bad things about others? Teeth falling out dreams symbolize lack of direction.

The teeth falling out dream has many meanings, so understanding dreams about teeth falling out can help you to improve your waking life. Don't fear a family member death or predictable meanings. Evaluate your life to determine what may be causing your recurring teeth falling out dreams. Good luck!


Kosarin, Jenni. Decode Your Dreams. New York: Fall River Press, 2005. Print. 



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