Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sleep Paralysis

Are you one of the lucky dreamers to experience sleep paralysis? Don't be afraid of sleep paralysis. We prepared the following article about conscious researcher Ryan Hurd's sleep paralysis study at

"The owner and operator of wrote an informative sleep paralysis report. I've experienced sleep paralysis several times in the past, so it is rather interesting to review the notions connected to this sleep phenomenon.

The hallucinations are the worst because you feel as if a cat or something is biting and tugging your hand. You try to shout, but the words are silent. A heavy pressure on your chest suffocates you. You begin to think you may get possessed. We prepared on back in January 2012 about Anneliese Michel, a young German girl who experienced sleep paralysis symptoms in 1969.

It is believed that her sleep paralysis episode caused her multiple demonic possession. The Exorcism of Emily Rose portrayed the Anneliese Michel story, portraying a scene at 3am in the morning that opened the doorway to the possession.

Back in the summer, I convinced myself to let the sleep paralysis take its rightful course. The moment the sleep paralysis went into effect, I would empower myself to have an out of body experience and or to astral project. The buzzing feeling, the inability to move, and total paralysis set me into motion.

I guided myself to astral project. However, my astral body never left my physical body. Sleep paralysis is a notable astral projection technique to leave the physical body. According to the dream study concerning sleep paralysis, I believe in the hollow face presence. This feeling that an unknown entity in preying on your physical body is frightening. The sleep paralysis report reports the findings derived from dream studies - personal experience, stories, and facts.

The most terrorizing feeling is full paralysis. You try to move your mouth, attempting to warn another family member to help you. The apparition is connected to hallucinations the brain produces, such as a nightmare and fear entering the physical space. Nightmares and fears entering the physical space is almost like watching The Cabin in the Woods movie - the twist ending that goes out of control.  

You feel your mind is operable, though your physical body remains in the sleeping state. Sleep paralysis occurs in the sleeping state, while the mind is alert but the physical body is stuck in the dream world - paralyzed and unable to function.

According to the dream study, the author states that sleep paralysis is nothing to fear. We can use sleep paralysis to activate lucid dreaming and or to astral project. The OBE is possible through a sleep paralysis state of mind. If you want to read the sleep paralysis report, please visit the link below. There is an interesting hallucinations and Hollow face section, which reminds us about the recent Intruders psychological movie.

Have fun reading the sleep paralysis report. Good luck on astral projection!

Sleep Paralysis Report

Consciousness researcher Ryan Hurd also wrote a Sleep Paralysis book. See below" (, 2012).

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