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How to Decode a Dream?

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Our dreams are unique to us. We dream to keep sane in this complex world. Do you ever feel that your dreams have a bigger meaning?

Sleep researchers conduct experiments on subjects to further understand the meaning of dreams. Dream analysis is thus the act of decoding dreams. How do you decode dreams?

The following steps will help you decode a dream

Step 1 - Training the mind to remember dreams

Before you sleep at night, repeat to yourself that you want to remember details of your dream. Focus on recurring dreams such as tsunamis, waves, overflowing toilet, examination, teeth falling out, snakes, and other relevant dream symbols. The dream symbols represent a dreaming guide to decode the waking life.

Step 2 - Record the dream in a dream journal 

Write details about the dream. What did you see? Hear? Touch? Dream symbols? What role does the dream symbol play in the dream? How did you react to the dream symbol? Running from a tsunami? Watch an overflowing toilet leak? Unable to complete a complex test? These are all relevant to decoding dreams?

Step 3 - Decoding Dreams

Ready to decode a dream? If you have an examination dream, pay attention to the surrounding events. Are there other test takers? Is the test complex? Having trouble completing the first page? Thinking about the time? Examination dreams are about obstacles and goals. The examination signifies the goal, whereas the deadline is the time it takes to reach completion.

Step 4 - Identify possible distractions

Family members, friends, co-workers, and strangers are possible distractions. You may feel pressure to give up on your dreams? Moreover, the dreamer is thinking about whether to abandon the dream due to making recurring sacrifices that amount to nothing. Do you keep experiencing the examination dream? Ever complete the examination in a dream? Decoding dreams require an understanding of dream symbols. Identifying the relationship between dream symbols, dream occupants, and waking problems can lead dreamers to resolve conflict.

Step 5 -  Apply dream analysis to waking life

After you decode the dream, begin applying the newfound information to the waking life. What is delaying the dream? Is this dream possible? Trying too hard enough to make this dream a reality? The recurring examination dream is conveying that a dreamer needs to hurry up with accomplishing their dream.

Improving time management skills can make best use of time? If you are a writer, create many diverse samples to show your writing style. A screenwriter? Write spec scripts and get an agent. Dream of becoming a politician? We recommend volunteering work. Moreover, earn a degree in public administration to enhance your public service abilities. Dream symbols will interpret your need to make waking adjustments.

Last Step: 

Read to learn more about decoding dreams? Want to decode dreams today? Visit Astral Writer to read another step guide to decoding dreams? Even further, there are actual dream analysis articles on how to decode a number of dreams such as the orange candle, examination, firing a gun dream, flying airplane dream,  tsunami dreams, yellow spider dreams, and the overflowing toilet dream. Have fun decoding dreams!  


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