Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Galactic Alignment dream

Yesterday, I had a galactic alignment dream. I told another person to look at the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars lining up.

I'm not sure what the galactic alignment dream symbolizes. This is only my second dream about the Sun.

It is quite possible the dream about the galactic alignment is spiritual. According to theorists, the Mayan Calendar points to galactic alignment this December 2012.

While in Space, I watched the planets align to the Sun. It seemed very real. While in the dream, I didn't have any fear and or anxiety issues.

I will provide a dream analysis of the galactic alignment dream in a few days. Thanks.

Dream Update: 

A Galactic alignment dream refers to untapped creativity, the kind we see in our vast universe. When we watch the planets align, we are witnessing our creativity connecting with our inner self. The power of the alignment creates intense energy that opens the door to great opportunities.

As planetary alignments were previously viewed as an end of the world prediction back in mid 2012, this dream now has a whole new meaning with the New Age kicking into high gear. Use this galactic alignment dream to explore new skills, market your talents, and to chase your dreams.

If you are lucky enough to dream about the galactic alignment, don't be afraid of this epic experience. Invest in your dreams and career. This powerful dream conveys the time you need to make immediate moves. Don't waste another minute dreaming. Live the dream; realize your talents and creativity.

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