Monday, March 26, 2012

Tsunami Dream: Why do I keep having tsunami dreams?

Dreaming about tsunamis? Think your tsunami dream is predicting an upcoming tsunami disaster in 2012? Are you a Mayan Calendar believer? Tsunami dreams are nonetheless an indication of your emotions. Smaller waves convey small emotions, while large tsunamis refer to big emotions. Want to know the tsunami dream meaning?

The tsunami dream is frightening. We've seen the destruction of tsunamis, especially the 2004 Tsunamis and the Japan tsunami disaster last March 11, 2011. Tsunami dreams alert dreamers that their past problems are surfacing. The dreamer is experiencing an emotional setback associated with unresolved problems.

What is going on in your waking life? Do you have an emotional block from a tragic event? Social anxiety? Poor communication with family members? Traumatic event that is now resurfacing to remind you of this past pain? The tsunami dream is trying to help you resolve your emotional struggles.

Recurring tsunami dreams are an indication of some type of problem that has troubled you for quite some time. If you have a tsunami dream without any problems, then it is possible the end of the world talk swirling around the media absorbed into your mind.

Ask yourself questions related to your professional and personal life? Are you happy? Have any resentment toward another loved one? A grudge against a friend? How is your current stress level? Are you changing jobs? Moving? Experiencing financial distress? Overwhelmed with a project? Want to tell your boss to stop giving you a hard time? Take on more work than you can handle?

Connect your tsunami dream to your waking life. Your waking problems are likely creating your tsunami dreams. A tsunami dream may identify suppressed emotions, personal struggles, private pain, and a number of emotional issues. Tsunamis are viewed as enormous waves powerful enough to destroy anything and everything in its path. Because water is connected to your emotions, such as the overflowing toilet dream, and or tidal wave dreams, you must make the connection between your sleeping and waking state of mind to understand the tsunami dream.

Make a list of everything that is troubling you. There must be some stress that is creating your tsunami dream. If you are a college student ready to graduate soon, then this upcoming summer may cause fear since job opportunities are limited. Do you fear moving back home? Struggle to afford the cost of living expenses? The tsunami dream notifies the dreamer to identify the source of their emotional struggles.

Making an adjustment into the professional world is a life-altering moment. Paying bills, conforming to work schedules, saving money, buying a home, and other major decisions take a toll on your emotions. The tsunami dream will pay the overwhelmed dreamer a visit until they resolve their waking problems.
Thus, the tsunami dream is trying to alert you of emotional problems. The height of the tsunami refers to the power of your emotions. Do you keep your emotions bottled up? Want to release your emotions to improve your quality of life?

The people in your tsunami dream are important. If you see strangers, then the tsunami dream is conveying that you need to open up to strangers. See family members in the tsunami dream? You need to improve your relationship with family members. The same process goes for friends and co-workers in your tsunami dreams.

Are you running away or facing the tsunami? Allowing the tsunami to engulf you is an indication that you are now ready to face your problems. Do you want to take a risk to resolve your emotional issues? But on the opposing side, running away from a tsunami in your dream interprets that you are trying to avoid dealing with your emotional issues and past problems.

Pay close attention to all dream symbols in the tsunami dream. The tsunami dream will eventually go away. You just need to put forth the best effort to make adjustments in your waking life. It is easy to fall into an emotional trap, as a result of hiding anguish and pain.

If you feel more comfortable sharing your problems with a stranger, then find a place where people are willing to chat with you. Many people fear criticism, especially when another family member and or friend lectures them. You must open your mind up to criticism. Don't let criticism affect you. In more ways than one, you will find that criticism improves your lifestyle.

The tsunami dream deals with change. Once you come to terms with an emotional issue, then you can resolve the core of your problems to move ahead. We linger on the past too much, which is the source of fear, anxiety, resentment, unhappiness, revenge, and many other stronger emotions. You must cut ties with the past to progress. It is better to gravitate toward the light rather than to regress back to the dark. We find comfort reaching the brightest light in our lives.

Your tsunami dream is identifying problems you need to resolve in order to live a satisfying life. Make no mistake that tsunami dreams are no coincidence because many dreams about tsunamis communicate with dreamers to make immediate changes. If the dreamer is about to move to a new location, the tsunami dream is telling them that they must accept the move in their mind.

You must adopt a positive peace of mind to fight off negative feelings and emotions. Tsunami dreams are prevalent to life changes. You must understand the types of emotions which are holding you back from enjoying life. The beauty of life is understanding your purpose, the moment when every memory forms the perfect puzzle. Are you working at your dream job? Accomplish your dreams and goals yet? Want to help people who are less fortunate?

Represent the change you want in life to decrease the tsunami dream. Very few people are capable of predicting a natural disaster. These people may think their tsunami dream represents a psychic experience and or a biblical revelation. The tsunami dream is consistent with the most important dream symbols.

Nonetheless, every dream symbol holds a dream meaning. Some people think dreams are nothing but visual images that reflect on what you view in the waking life.  However, dreams are more than random images. As a dreamer, you must believe in the meaning of dreams to understand the power of dreams.

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  1. This makes perfect sense...been having recurring tsunami dreams within the past 6 years, started when i was in grade 11 in highschool...and would just happen randomly every few last one in particular was me in a sort of factory looking place on a tropical island, i was working there and had to help with packing n moving things...there were a few people with me but i could not recognize them, it was at sunset, someone called me out to beach which was about 40ft away from the place of work...and that's when it came and it came so fast, but this time the tsunami wasn't as big as my previous dreams, infact far smaller than previous...and it rushed into our workplace n we all just struggled to save the stuff and get away...last image i had was that of fast running failry foamy brown water as i looked down at my legs, deep in the water...sigh

    1. Interesting tsunami dream. Your tsunami dream is very vivid. Have you had another tsunami dream since leaving this comment? Maybe the tsunami reduced in size because you may have resolved a current waking issue involving emotions.

  2. I just had a dream that started off like the end of the world with a crazy earthquake destroying things infront of me as I ran away and as soon as it was done people where shooting eachother as I run from this gang of men and hide thAn I see 4 muslum woman on the other side of a lake where I had ended hiding to and the women distracting them as I run ... I end up back in this old town hooking up with a with a pack of strangers meeting this guy along the way, he helps guid everyone through the way .. We end up on a large ship that literally has its own little town on it ,we start sailing out deep in the ocean hitiing some big waves than I notice all the dolphins and large fish swiming the opposite direction the dolphins where telling me to go that way , we turn the ship around going as fast as we can than we stop as this big wave of ocean over us our ship is on sand , we all run and run tell we get to this cave with high beams and a bathroom as everyone is climbing up the high beams I just go straight to the bathroom and I see my son brushing his teeth like nothing is happening I shoved the rug under the door and sat on it hoping it doesnt cave in I cry to my son we are going to have to hold our breath And swim out when its time as the water starts coming in my son crys to me we both say I love you and hold each other .Right than I wake up horrified and in tears... I am still recuperating from this dream . Now reading your article brought me to tears it hits it right on the spot , I had a baby 5 months ago I have not had a break since than I am also depressed about my self image now more than ever my relationship with my boyfriend is on the rocks I have this Anxiety I cant get rid of and I dont know why? I was never like this before my 2 oldest children, there father gets out of prison in july and all of a sudden he wants to do right by them when iv already established a nice life for them with a mommy and a daddy also my son is turning 10 and he's growing up so fast I miss him being a little boy but now he's getting older and I see who he's turning into I love him so much ! Now it all makes since and I will definitely be working on my emotions and find my self again .Thank you .

  3. My last tsunami dream started out at a beach. The waves were turbulent and i was sitting on the beach with my friends. i started feeling sick and getting a bad gut feeling so we decided to leave. Somehow we ended up at a doctors house and i realised why i was feeling these feelings. A tsunami was coming. I kept telling my friends this but no one believed me but i managed to get them to come back to the hotel room we were staying at. As no evidence of waves had come yet they were angry at me for misleading them and thought i was spouting lies but i knew it was coming. Then i started feeling tremors through the building and ran out. Managing to get to a hill of sorts i turned around to see the city get swallowed and the skyscraper i was staying at getting sliced through the middle and falling onto the next structure. It was scary knowing how strong and chaotic the waves were. Somehow one of my closest friends was with me and we were running over the hill onto a bushtrack. Once we got to the top we saw the loveliest view of the hills and the bush in the distance (we live in Australia). After that all i remember before waking up is running from the wave through a market place alone which ive dreamed about before.

  4. My dream keeps waking me up about to be in tears im a 15 year old girl ... And i have a big heart i was working at dairy queen or some fast food when my father didnt like my paste so when he took me outside we agured then after we sprated all i remeber was i was walking in my town od aberdeen washington.while i was waalking my worst fear i hear the alarma and its super. Intense and after a lady i met let me in her car everbody ended up on a bus people i never even met i was frighten cause i have a boyfriend who is my boyfriend and his name is david i know im young but hes honestly the best thing thats happened to me and when that siren went off all i thought about was him i dkd know what to do in the momeny.After the my endless worrying there were busses filled with kids with there conuty or state there headed to and then shortly after that it tends to reckond my mind such as switches all i see is people screaming and the ground shakeing babys family trying to run from a small wave yet deadly then shortly after the wavve hits most were trying to servive i had no thought of my family... All was my only friend which is my boyfriend after there were 3 other people never met telling me where to run and call a resuce plan if i survice but all i told them if i cant make it and i know for sure ill hold my breath and die ... Than another way hit alittle bigger adding on with the first way i get to this top of something laaty when i remeber i was sitting on a attict looking thing. Looking down crying because of the people. That didnt make it calling a rescure number some guy i never new gave to me and i had a flash before the last wave hit that my bf was on a plan aand i was happy i can tell he was worried about me ... But with no idea of how i felt about him and laaty when the last wave hit i was in the attict up to my neck and then so scared only thinking if he was gonna move on if i left. Permentanly... Im so scared i keep having simili dreams....:(

  5. I just woke up from one....I'm sometimes in the mountains or at the beach my little girls always in them and it's me holding her telling her I love you and I'm sorry she's only 10. I've been having these stems for over a year now...the waves are high and very forceful then I'll see dolphins and Wales coming at us....usually the tsunami breaks through causing us to keep running higher and higher but last night's dream I was at the beach in a resort and it kept coming back to back and just bending the walls then my alarm went off....but those type of dreams usually stay with me all day...and now I live in fear that it's gonna happen

  6. I had a dream it started out as a normal dream that I now can't remember, but definitely remember the end. this Asian lady and her family who I didn't recognize but in my dream it was like I knew them well, we'll they were living with me but they were all packed up ready to leave to a new house. it was late in the afternoon as our children and husband's were out by the curb side talking and playing me and this lady were out back talking about where they were moving too and so forth,we must've been talking for awhile because it became dark out,and as her a I started making our way around the house to the front (still chatting) we paused because we could hear helicopters near by followed by the sounds of birds couldn't see them just herd them, then a humming sound, we looked into the sky just beyond the next door neighbours house to see what looked like rushing eyes went really big with fear it only took me a split second to realize it wasn't clouds but the top a huge wave, I gave chase to my unsuspecting family they were afew meters away, crying out to my husband "Hun, Hun" i screamed. My little boy was sitting there and turned his head to look at me, I reached out my hand and so did he. Our fingertips touched than just like that...I felt the force of it, couldn't see anything just blackness..I snapped out of that dream so fast it really terrified me grrrrr, I don't have any problems in my life nothing I can think of anyway.

  7. Saw back to back tsunami may be more than 10 was trying to help other people another came. Saved few people but waves came hitting continuously.

  8. I got a tsunami dream last night. Me and my brother were in a car in a coastal town, looked like we were on a holiday, my parents were in a boat on the sea. While in the car i noticed the wave. CUT TO we were already in the boat my parents were in and the wave was near... We were trying to evacuate the boat... So I told my brother lets get on top of the boat... We did, and i dont remmeber my parents coming on top of the boat with us... The tsunami hadn't reached the boat yet... We got onto the shore and started running away from the tsunami, had a sinking feeling that my parents were not with us... also that we were going to die now! Also I remember telling myself in the dream "this is not a dream" and then sort of feeling relieved that this is it... i have faced it at last and now that my parents are already gone... it will be much better if my life is over too... intense shit.